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This is a great opportunity for you and your family to pass on and record various life experiences that may be lost with time.

Whether they are fiction or non-fiction, we want you to tell us a story. Share your laugh out loud moments or marvel at the extraordinary feat in another’s life story.

We are also giving away Kindle Book Readers for the best judged story in each category. So you might just walk away with a nice prize! You can submit as many stories as you wish. allows you to preserve your family history and special memories and share with generations to come.

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Your Recruiting Questions Answered

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Your Recruiting Questions Answered

By TRC | Advice | 1,366 comments | 1 February, 2017 | 0

Last week we reached out to our blog subscribers and asked what pressing questions they had about the recruiting process.  We’ve covered some great topics, but we want to address the questions that our audience has.  The 3 most popular recruiting questions were chosen and our answers are below.

Question 1:  How will younger participants in a Showcase know if they have caught the eye (s) of recruiters?   This is assuming that the older (Junior/Senior) participants are approached by recruiters because they are eligible at the time of the Showcase, but what if a Freshman or Sophomore is there?  How will these younger players be addressed and when?

Answer 1: The NCAA has rules in place to limit the communication with underclassmen.  So, how does a kid commit early if the coach isn’t allowed to talk to them? Well, they ARE allowed to talk to them, but there has to be a little more creativity in getting to the conversation.  If an underclassman catches the eye of a coach, the coach will use an intermediary to get in touch with the player.  The coach cannot email or call the player directly, but he can email or call their high school coach or summer coach. Usually how it works is the college coach will call the high school coach and say, “can you have Johnny call me at 8pm Tuesday evening?”  They do this because college coaches are allowed to answer a call, but not make a call.  If that phone rings at 8pm Tuesday and Johnny is on the other end, the coach and the player can speak about whatever they’d like. Coaches can only send underclassmen emails about camp related material.  This is why high school or summer coaches are used as an intermediary.

Division 3 coaches can reach out to underclassmen anytime.  There are only restriction by specific conferences limiting the dates when some division 3 schools are allowed to make contact.

A great resource to understand when coaches are allowed to make contact is the NCAA Recruiting Calendar.

Question 2: Does High School Baseball Matter?

Answer 2: Yes, it does.  I just listened to the Head Coach of a team one win away from a super regional last year tell an audience that his favorite way to recruit is to watch local high school playoff games.  Why?  The players are there to win, they are competing at the highest level, and they care to the highest degree.  High school baseball is where you are playing to win.  You should have a sense of pride in your school and a connection with your teammates that is different than the squad of mercenaries compiled for your summer travel team.

As far as how your high school performance matters, take a look at our past blog; Do Stats Get You Recruited?

Another reason it matters is your high school coach will probably get a call from a college coach looking for a character reference.  College coaches reach out more to hear about a players character than to hear about their skill set.  The college coaches will evaluate the skill set on their own.  Your high school coach usually gets to see you in settings that nobody else does; in the lunchroom, in the classroom, walking the halls with your friends, etc.  How do you act?  Everyone can be on their best behavior in a showcase when they know 200 schools are watching.

We are going to elaborate on this in a future post.

Question 3: What is an “offer”, and how will I be sure I got one?

Answer 3: An offer can come in 2 ways

  1. A scholarship.
  2. A roster spot.

A coach might offer you the chance to try out.  This is not what would be considered an “offer” since anyone is open to trying out.  To sum it up, an offer comes with something concrete; a roster spot or a scholarship.

This leads to the next question…How will you know if you are “being recruited”? …we will answer this in the next post.

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